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HEB-24(Package)centrifugal hydro extractor

This machine is suitable for the textile industry of the bobbin yarn dehydration. It is reliable in operation, convenient operation, less yarn bobbin bobbin variant, is ideal equipment for dehydration process.

Output: 1920 sand

Model PackageOD Capacity Installed Power Dimension
mm mm kw mm mm mm
HEB-48 <=220 24 5.55 2380 2000 2200

Standard structure

  • The use of advanced programmable inverter control system
  • With automatic brake system, process control system
  • Low noise
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel tube and shell
  • Unbalanced load protection device
  • Hydraulic elevator control system

Technical parameters

  • Speed: the 1420-1650 R / min
  • Single cycle operation time: about 1.5min
  • Dehydration time ( adjustable ): 0-30min
  • Dehydration rate (about * ): 40-53% 15-20% cotton, chemical fiber blended yarn, wool yarn: 25%


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